Brexit At Any Cost MP’s Revealed

‘Ideology for the few not the many’ will be the slogan of the Tory party at the next election whenever that is. ‘Pragmatism is dead’ will be the byline.

Dirty meat and the Norman Tebbit vision of Britain as a sweatshop will be the reality. Competing against the economies in so called developing countries will require the trade unions to be dismantled; health and safety to be a luxury and human rights to be an anachronism. And I am a supporter of Leave. More and more of the countries wealth will be sucked upwards and nationalist isolationism relying upon atomic weapons will be the foundation of any negotiating strategy.

Within Parliament a list of wealthy landowners will accept nothing less and now they can be revealed.

When (and if) we leave the EU it should be for our benefit not this bunch of ideological loonies. Our vote counted as much as theirs in the referendum. Don’t let them hijack it.

Douglas James