Dudley Sutton: Don’t Let the NHS be flogged off like all the rest…

This short video with Dudley Sutton (1933-2018) was made by filmmaker John Furse as part of his documentary about NHS campaigners and the privatisation of the NHS ‘GROUNDSWELL: THE GRASSROOTS BATTLE FOR THE NHS. AND DEMOCRACY’.

There is a 60-minute and an 80-minute version filmed around England between 2014 and 2018. The film is available for screenings.

You can contact John at: info@johnfurse.co.uk “An urgent, compelling film that deserves to be seen widely.” (The Independent, July 6th 2018) “A highly individual, remarkably sophisticated piece of filmmaking. It is rare to see a film that explores complex issues and attitudes with such clarity. Extraordinary… moving and humbling” (Archie Tait, ex-Director ICA Cinema)

For more info on the film you can see John’s blog: www.johnfurse.wordpress.com