Eddy Abs’s Mouldy Box

Eddy’s mouldy box would contain:

1.) The Tories. All of them.
2.) Donald Trump, all of the blinking Trumps.
3.) Rupert Murdoch, the Barclay Brothers, all of the tax evading propaganda schilling media barons.
4.) Nigel Farage and his big fascist mouth, along with his poster girl the vile dark-souled Katie Hopkins, shackled together for all eternity, plus all terrorists globally for their eternal company. 
5.) Piers Morgan and his big fatuous mouth and his annoying face and publicity whoring ways.
6.) Tony Blair the warmonger.
7.) Vladimir Putin.

Along with…. All stuck in the box together….

8.) Neoliberalism
9.) Homophobia, Islamophopia and Racism.
10.) BREXIT!!!!!!!

Send us yours.