Member of nasty, defamatory, illegal @GnasherJew crew attempts to infiltrate Dorset Eye Facebook group

She calls herself Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit and here is her Facebook page:

You can check out the content and decide for yourself how misinformed and propagandising her and her ‘friends’ are.

Calling herself the founder of ‘Eye on Antisemitism’ she is part of a gang of extremists who troll anyone they decide does not fit their extremist Israeli Zionist position.

Here she is with the Gnasher crowd:

Thankfully civil and criminal cases are now being put together that will hopefully leave many of them paying until their dying breath.

On 22nd October 2019 the following article was posted

relating to how the C celeb Rachel Riley has openly defamed The Canary and founder Kerry-Anne Mendoza (hopefully once too often). As a result Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit popped her head up with the comment

Innocuous to anyone on the thread but having checked her Facebook timeline, rather irregular. Why is she contradicting her own views from her own Facebook page? I suspect it is because she is looking for people to be anti semitic in their responses so that she can publish and broadcast that Dorset Eye is full of anti semites. Unfortunately for her, Dorset Eye and its members are not anti semitic and never have been.

We are publishing this as a warning that these racist parasites are acting as agent provocateurs and trolls seeking to create an impression of racism where it does not exist, especially if the group has a tendency to attract left leaning decent intelligent people.

Hope this helps!

Douglas James