Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the rudest man of them all?

I have tried, goodness I have tried to give this man the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes he says things that are actually quite perceptive. My problem is not so much the intellectualism (although there is a warehouse full of evaluation to be had). My issue with him is his rudeness. For those who disagree with him he can sometimes lose an argument before he gets to the point. He is so busy being Mr Snooty that he forgets that his opinion is of no greater value than any other and leaves out essential details.

Evidence, context and interpretation. 

He is given a voice by the Sunday Fail which in itself is a defeat for intellectualism but then instead of being someone his Christ might embrace he becomes someone that would make ‘the Nazarene’s’ stomach churn.

It started with a reply to this tweet following his article in the Fail yesterday (Sunday 19th November):


See article on transgender ; LGBT (I refuse to link to the Fail and thus have sourced from Pink News) and also his perspective on equality per se.

Then DE put their awe in:

Hitchens 2

Then Mr Hitchens

Peter‘Nobody wants to pursue it’? Does he ever read his own words? History is littered with powerful people actively seeking to perpetuate inequality. Actually I do challenge his intellectualism. It sucks.

He has the cheek to ask ‘do I (DE I suspect) think before writing?’ This level of arrogance and rudeness suggests deep seated insecurity but I am not going to do the psychoanalysis. That is for psychoanalysts.

His reference to ‘utopia’ (not sure Thomas More had this level of misrepresentation in mind when he published ‘Libellus vere aureus, nec minus salutaris quam festivus, de optimo rei publicae statu deque nova insula Utopia‘) is at best simplistic.

In fact Quentin Skinner, the intellectual historian, has argued that More was ‘taking part in the Renaissance humanist debate over true nobility, and that he was writing to prove the perfect commonwealth could not occur with private property.’ Where do you stand on private property Mr Hitchens? The most significant creator of inequality. Where would your Christ stand on the inequality destroying not only humanity but Eden Mr Hitchens?

Who mentioned ‘total inequality’ Mr Hitchens? Not DE. Shifting the narrative to suit are you sir? Why would that be? Verging on sophistry.

‘Theoretically equal societies such as the old USSR’? Whose theory? Who in their right mind ever described Stalin’s totalitarian regime as ‘equal’? Even Marx distanced himself from other’s interpretations of his work in the late 1870’s.

I would of course have entered in to such a discussion with Mr Hitchens on twitter if his responses contained the language of a diplomat. But they don’t. They are the words of a very angry embittered man whose God has long since abandoned him. Add to this the sycophants who jump in to defend him and disturb the ‘equality’ of the debate

Hitchens 3

and it becomes a useless enterprise.

Is he the rudest man in the mirror? If not he is certainly close.

Douglas James