Never Underestimate Jeremy Corbyn

To all my friends, family, comrades & colleagues, when the media & haters grind you down…When you wake up and think “Yet another day of trying to convince turkies to not vote for Christmas, to try and convince those being dangerously damaged by the CONservatives while then defending their abusers like some form of bizzaro Stockholm Syndrome, another day of receiving streams of hate & abuse for trying to save the NHS, another day of battling both the far right & ‘moderates’ (aka ‘Liberal Elites’ who endorse & enable austerity, war-mongering and the rise of the far right), another day of trying to counter the absurd media lies & hysteria-print, online, social media & broadcast media, another day of defending literally the most lied about politician of all time…

…another day of being told the anti-austerity policies you & he have supported since 2015 & were ruthlessly mocked for supporting & being told were “Unelectable, Marxist, Commie, Looney Left, Utopian, Magic Money tree, Fantasy” policies, that now even TORY MEMBERS support & the Tories *PRETEND* (OBVIOUSLY!!!) to want to go even further in terms of spending, another day of giving up your time, energy, mental health etc for, in order to try and get what amounts to basic Social Democracy, another day of being mocked for being CORRECT as history has proven Corbyn-AGAIN! (you know, like he was re Iraq X 2, Israel & Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria X 3 or 4 now, Apartheid, the financial crash of 07/08 down to the specifics of the issues in the American sub-prime mortgage market, the Guildford Four, the Birmingham 6, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did etc etc etc)…well, play this 4 minute-odd video and remember why you do it.

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU for continuing to support what has already changed our political landscape almost immeasurably. THANK YOU for realising this does not happen with YOU, ME & US supporting a man who has been punched in the head, had failed assassination attempts on his life & receives death threats by the hour…yet STILL, STILL does this for ME, YOU & US. Corbyn is our Movement, and we are him!

Adam Samuels