‘Parliament are terrified of the right-wing newspapers’

Ken Clarke has admitted that the so called democratic institution we call Parliament is actually full of members whose behaviour is moulded by right wing newspapers. Instead of it being a democratic forum to reflect a pluralist society it is largely determined by billionaires who are mostly based (for tax purposes you understand) off shore.

If Jeremy Corbyn or a member of Momentum had said this it would have been pilloried by the establishment but now that a Tory ‘grandee’ has admitted it there has been pretty much total silence. I therefore see it as my role to break the silence and invite lots of noise.

Clarke goes on to state that Brexit will be decided by these same newspaper owners. Why is it a fait accompli? Why do so many so willingly accept this when it is a travesty of democracy but more importantly it is nothing short of a betrayal and treachery no matter how you voted in the referendum or in fact in general elections.

Billionaires want different things to you and I. Most of us want higher wages they want lower wages and tax cuts. They go private most of us rely upon the state. They hide their money, most of us do not have enough to bother to hide. They send a lacky from their yacht in the Med back to London to pick up their favourite dish. We want their yacht to sink. Thus why the hell are we happy to leave it to them to decide where the country goes next?

Then there is the complete and utter hypocrisy of so called advisory voting. The 2016 referendum was ‘advisory’. It says so in the act of parliament created to enable it to happen.


And yet an advisory vote on Universal Credit in Parliament in which the government is soundly thrashed (for want of a better word) is accepted as such. Come on can you not see we are being cheated? Do you not care?

Whether I agree with leaving the EU or not is irrelevant. What matters is that rich greedy people are dictating our future and treating us all as fools and I hate it.

Douglas James