Peter Hitchens: ‘The USA Did Not Declare War on Germany’

Historical revisionism of the extreme kind? Or merely arrogance of the third kind?

What I do know is that no one should ever take a history lesson from Mr Hitchens. I do feel sorry for him though. He is always so certain which makes his public humiliations such a tragedy.

His latest is to tell us that the US never declared war on Germany in 1941.

His first challenge and it did not take long for the rudeness and ad hominem.



The second challenge did not fair any better:



Even the copy of the declaration by Roosevelt did not perturb him.

US Declaration of War on Germany 1941

At this point the stalking of the prey reached a point when pity kicked in. Therefore the lurch to the jugular was required.

‘In My History’ U.S. Didn’t Formally Declare War On Nazi Germany

And so it concluded:


Being switched off by Mr Rude. They cannot stand it up them can they?

Seriously if you want to see a version of the World Wars that Enid Blyton would have been proud of check him out. It has gone past stressful and is now merely comical.

Douglas James