The Daily Mail’s Response To Michael Fallon’s Resignation Is…

If you are not disgusted when you have finished reading the following then frankly there is little hope.

What this shows is that the Mail (and I suspect others) is more concerned with achieving their own goals re leaving the European Union than seeking to protect anyone who is sexually abused….

Dail Mail and Sexual Abuse


Mail 3

This suggests that misogyny and bullying and making others feel uncomfortable is of less concern than evading tax by their owners and duping us in to believing that we will have our country back. If people want to believe this then there is not much I can do but it is pitiful than many still do. The evidence is stacked:

Who runs Britain? Probably not the likes of you, says report

Short review: Who Really Runs Britain? by Alan White

Who runs Britain? Report confirms we live in an elitist country that’s run by fee-paying school chums

Sex & Power: Who Runs Britain?

European commission to crack down on offshore tax avoidance

EU probes British scheme shielding multinationals from tax avoidance rules

If we see anyone picking up the Mail… point them to this article and for goodness sake don’t click on their web links. It’s what makes them even richer and more malignant.

Douglas James