The Latest Innovation for the Home: Wi-Fi Thermostats

Technology has taken the world by storm—and new inventions seem to be cropping up each and every week that are transforming our lives in both public and private sectors. A recent trailblazing innovation in technology is the Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat. For anyone in Dorset interested in new technologies that will lead to a more sustainable home life, Wi-Fi thermostats are the answer.

Gone are the days of traditional HVAC systems—which, generally, are difficult for homeowners to maintain, repair, and understand. Now, by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat and replacing a traditional furnace, homeowners will reap a variety of benefits. Some of the advantages of Wi-Fi thermostats include:

  • Convenience – Able to be controlled from any location where there is Wi-Fi, homeowners can adjust their Wi-Fi thermostat even if they are not home.
  • Safety — Wi-Fi thermostats come with an alert feature, which will tell you when your system is broken, needs maintenance, or when it is time to change the furnace filter.
  • Savings – These thermostats will also save energy and money. This means that they not only are good for the environment, but they can also save homeowners up to 30% on their energy bills per year.

With these benefits, the many advantages of Wi-Fi thermostats are clear, prompting homeowners to transition to integrating this latest innovation for the good of their home and the environment.

Jackie Edwards