Tory and UKIP Voter’s Response To ‘Brexit Deal’ Makes Grim Reading For The Government

For those who celebrated yesterday, namely the billionaire corporate right wing media and the public face of the Conservative government, they might want to take a closer look at their voters and potential voters. They are not happy bunnies. In fact they are positively livid.

I sneaked in to some Conservative and UKIP social media pages expecting the positivity on the front pages of the Daily Mail and Express to be reflected. Was I wrong? Hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of likes… for the negative comments later and any Machiavellian propaganda from the likes of Michael Gove and co look seriously out of touch.

Many Brexiters wanted the EU to be dropped without a penny paid and now they find the tax payer having to lump up £40 billion. Misguided for sure but given the lies and falsehoods flying around ‘misguided’ is the lot of millions.

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The country is at war with each other over Brexit and it is at war over austerity. The future is bleak with this government. It now just depends on whether enough voters are prepared to try and make things better or whether they are so used to the pain that it has become a masochistic desire to maintain it.
Time will tell.

Douglas James