Tory Conference: What A Disgrace This Tory Delegate Is

How utterly disgraceful this female Tory was…the police have always been lovely with us and we make sure to thank them…let’s continue to show these idiots up:

“My partner works for Greater Manchester Police. Many officers here have had their rest days cancelled, and shifts extended for Operation Protector, the two million pound operation to “protect” the Conservative conference that is running in Manchester this weekend. That’s not including the ten million pound budget the Conservative party set aside to fund the event itself.

Whilst on a twelve hour shift today, standing in the rain, without any refs, my partner was approached by one of the Conservative delegates who said “Is this all the police you’re providing us with?” To which my partner confirmed yes. She replied “Well it’s not enough, you didn’t do a good enough job of protecting us last year,” (one of them was egged last year). She then tutted and strutted off, back to her warm hotel.

Meanwhile, my partner had to drink his coffee in an alleyway nearby so it didn’t “look bad”. Look bad! He is a human being standing in the cold for twelve hours protecting the very people who cheered when his pay cap removal was blocked. By the very people cutting his numbers and claiming police numbers are fine. By the very people not protecting their own public. It makes my blood boil.

If you post this anywhere, please keep my name anonymous, I don’t want to jeopardise the job my partner loves so dearly, yet seldom has any thanks for.’”

Caroline Wills-Wright