We Are Being Played

All this was planned as Russia and Assad were about to resecure a strategic country in the middle east. We can now make sense of recent events.

1. The Skripals people of no consequence to Russia attacked with rather blunt chemical weapons to ‘quietly’ eliminate them. = set up by UK or US intelligence to desensitize the public to chemical weapons and generate public hostility to Russia.

2. The incredible speed in support to Theresa May in her over quick and unsupported attack on Russia. Clearly prearranged again to generate public support more globally for anti-Russian hostilities.

3. On the cusp of defeating the rebels and re securing his country, Assad resorts to using Chemical weapons to kill a few dozen people knowing the impact on his own regime and country?! About as likely as Iraq storing chemical weapons in a rundown shed visible from a satellite. Total set up to justify a totally unjustifiable war.

At the moment I feel so sorry for the Syrians. A beautiful people who were at the heart of modern civilization as far as history records. I fear they also mark the end of modern civilization. Trump was not content with ruling his own business he is not content with ruling his own country his aim is to rule the world.

Mark Walker