You don’t need to go to Grenfell to find the flammable cladding. Go to Poole

As a Fire Manager with the responsibility of almost all aspects of Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation for a shipyard with some high risk flammable areas.

I STRUGGLE to understand how any of the essential safety features and evacuation plans were missing or non-existent in the Grenfell Tower block where elderly people, families and children were sleeping. Anyone who had a hand in ensuring those people’s safety and emergency evacuation​ plans – from the government who planned the re-furbishment to the planning commissioners who should have known the situation was unsafe – All must be held accountable for this horrendous incident and justice must come for the deceased and their families who were utterly failed. It is NOT the fault of the man who had the suspected faulty fridge.

My sister pointed out to me earlier that the exact same plastic cladding which lined the Grenfell Tower block has been used in the recent re-furbishment of the tower blocks in Sterte, Poole. I walk past these every day on my way to work and we lived in one of these flats as babies.

I recommend everyone take a look at the tower blocks in their area, especially recent re-furbs and if you see this cladding, write a letter to your local MP demanding the fire safety procedures and equipment are reviewed before its too late. Also that fresh fire risk assessments are carried out on all high rise tower blocks in your area. 

I will be writing a letter to the MP for this constituency with my concerns for these buildings.

Mo Vine