Despite fears and grave concerns, the BCP council has given the go ahead for the Lansdowne area in Bournemouth to roll out 5G technology.

5G or fifth generation technology has claimed scientific evidence both for and against its use. With opponents saying that electromagnetic waves can cause cancer and cite 10’s of thousands of scientific studies to back this up.

Emma Johnson, independent parliamentary candidate has dedicated her campaigning to fight the roll out. She said: “It is alarming that the Lansdowne test bed has been approved by BCP council as it will expose all those who live and work in the area to very high levels of microwave radiation without their awareness or consent.”

She went as far as to say that there is no industry funded research into 5G’s health effects and is calling for a government led investigation using what is called the ‘Precautionary principle’ before its implementation.

Ms Johnson and her team are also to take legal issue with BCP council. They are challenging the legality of the roll out in accordance with the Nuremberg code and experiments on human beings.

Other bodies have also expressed concern, they include: TheWorld Health Organisation, who say electromagnetic fields are possibly harmful and there is evidence, but it is not conclusive.

The U.S. department of health conducted experiments on rats and found radiation to cause cancerous tumours. However,they used very high doses with 9 hours exposure.

The UK parliament collected 2,900 signatures calling for an independent inquiry: The NHS has called for more long-term research.

‘Lloyds of London’ insurance say it is not insurable because of lack of evidence of its safety.

Although there is significant opposition to 5G which states that there is not enough investigation into its affect’s other scientists and some interested parties claim that there is evidence.

One scientific study concluded that there is almost certainly no danger; Cancer research said that although there was a 500% rise in mobile phone use the percentage of brain tumour cases was only 34%; the UK government are adamant it is safe: while intensive research suggests that there is no support to indicate that it is similar to dangerous forms.

However, critics contest that there is some doubt in supporters claims. For example, it is claimed that one organisation the ‘International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection’ (ICNIRP) is funded by the telecommunications industry which has been compared to scientific research into smoking by the tobacco industry.

Local environmental group ‘SOBO Wastebusters’ gave there take on the issue and said: “Unless it comes from credible sources, they just take the debate to a level where it is easy for the general public and the mainstream media to debunk.”

Although 5G radiation could be called an environmental issue, local environmentalists like SOBO have been indifferent on the topic.

A spokesperson for the local Green party said: “I’d say I don’t know enough about it. I’ve seen enough people say that it’s not a problem that I’m not so worried about it.”

She went on to say that the Green Party itself decided they have no policy after conference debate.

Similarly, local ‘Extinction Rebellion’ spokesperson said that as an organisation they had nothing to say on the matter. ‘Friends of the Earth’ echoed this as well.

Other organisations such as Coastal Bid, who encourage business in the Boscombe area where 5G is being considered,were cautiously supportive.

Manager Fiona McArthur said: “I think it is an important technology (and) if everyone is agreed it is a good idea then why not.” She went on to say that it wold be silly not to consider it if it was deemed to be safe.

Local independent councillor Andrew Hadley was adamant that it was safe. He said that it was regarded as a national asset. He claimed that higher frequency levels do not mean more power and that power drops off quickly with each generation.

Gerry Gilbert

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