A Friend In All Of Us

As everyone knows the weather has turned very cold of late and luckily many of us have a home that we can go back to and wrap up warm. But unfortunately there are people who don’t.

One in 25 people homeless in England’s worst hit areas

How about we all make sure that no one freezes to death this winter? We collect old clothes and blankets and give them to people homeless on our streets. We occasionally give them a hot drink and a sandwich.

.Please don’t just walk on by, we are better than this

I’ve created an Instagram account and Facebook page called

A Friend In All Of Us.

If you are helping and want to cooperate with local people then let us know where you are and contact details. Others can then help in whatever way they can.

If you can take a little time out of your day or week or any opportunity you get to stop and have a conversation with someone living on the streets, do something nice for them, buy them a coffee, a coat, a hair cut… its entirely up to you. If you can get a selfie with them and share their story directly to the Facebook page we will publish it. Hopefully with a bit of luck this will catch on and we can get more people to engage and make a real difference to those living on our streets. Obviously if you can I highly encourage you to donate any clothing or blankets directly to those who need it but if not please do not hesitate to get in contact with our pages… and offer any support that you can.

Wouldn’t it be great to get to next Spring and know we have saved lives and shared our kindness around?

Samuel Cridland