A Message to Tom Watson…

So Tom Watson, is not going to the Labour conference this year, I have a clear message for Tom Watson, get lost and don’t come back.

Here is what happened last year, and still the t*** is not deselected, they should all go and go fast.

Have just seen this post on other pages:

‘RE Watson’s ovation, a large preferentially seated section of the crowd were bussed in and provided with tickets.
Tomorrow there is likely to be a strange shortage of tickets for the leader’s speech.’

The idea being to make the hall seem empty of JC supporters.
This tells us all we need to know.
Not happy with banning 100% of all new members from the conference , Labour chicken coup have outdone themselves with the above move .

Their underhand tactics are vile and vindictive and prove the coup plotters have learned nothing.
I never thought my respect levels could drop to less than zero, right now I have only contempt for the coup plotters and their supporters.

I am wondering what the NEC and the coup plotters have in common with “The Valley Of Adventures by Enid Blyton “. Well they answer is very simple, “they are both fiction”.

The road to success according to the Labour NEC and coup plotters depends on stabbing someone in the back. Not just someone but their own Leader and us his voters and supporters.

The Labour coup plotters don’t nurture a thing, they don’t teach us, they don’t inspire us, they don’t mentor, all they really do is betray and destroy.

They use words to attack their own voters and members which quite frankly mean nothing, not one policy, they don’t even point out Jeremy Corbyn’s deficiencies.

They keep talking about unity and getting together while back stabbing and making sure that JC can’t get his own team, in short you don’t marry someone just because they fuck you, or even knock you up. This is a relationship of abuse and those doing the abusing should be divorced and sent restraining orders.

What you don’t do when someone has been abusing you is make yourself a door mat with a stamp on your arse saying wipe your feet here.

Dishonest words do come out of their mouths which means the real truth does not. In short they cannot be trusted and they must be deselected and fast.

Jeremy Corbyn, as described by the coup plotters and the Tories and their media buddies,

‘Hard left’. ‘You wait in lines for hours’. ‘He will spend all your money’.

The demise of Labour (Liz Kendall)
End this madness (Alan Johnson)
Car rash and more (Allistair Campbell)
Get a heart transplant (Tony Blair)
Death wish (Alan Milburn)
Jeremy Corbyn does not want to be leader (Liz Kendall)
Anybody but Jeremy Corbyn….(Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper)
Get a grip (Owen Smith)
Can’t lead (Owen Smith)
Big laugh…ANTI SEMITIC (Every coup plotter)

We have been called.

Trot, Trotskyist, Rabble, Dog Entryist, Mysogynist, Cultist, Bully, Anti-Semetic, Racist, Fan Boy, (Fan Girl I guess), Homophobic, Far Left, Arm Twister, Jihadist, Nazi, Nazi Storm trooper, Hitler Henchman.’ And Probably some others I missed but I am sure there will be some new one’s made up soon enough.
Here is a new one. Millionaires like Michael Foster who called Corbyn’s supporters “sturm abteilung”. I had to look this one up I wonder if you guys do as well lol.

Notice not one POLICY, all these words don’t even point out Jeremy Corbyn’s deficiencies, let alone one coherent policy.

So next time you hear them tell us how bad JC is, you might like to ask them what policy they don’t like about Jeremy Corbyn.

Because JC policies are very popular, example Re nationalise the rail service.

Kevin Hoad