One Fifth of all Hospitals Facing Closure in England are in Dorset

Excuse my language but what the **** is going on? First I read on DE that parts of Dorset have the highest council taxes in the country; some of the lowest wages and the lowest funding per head and now this:

Acute hospitals closing or at risk of closure:

Dorset – merger of Royal Bournemouth and Poole Hospital

Community hospitals facing closure or redesignation:
: St Leonards, Dorset :: Alderney, Dorset :: Westhaven, Dorset

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Now call me Mr Cynical but I have a feeling that the good people of Dorset are being well and truly screwed.

We have 100% Tory MP’s and yet some of the worst negotiated deals. Is this because these MP’s are complacent and believe that any old independent school duffer can just stick a blue rosette on their lapel and they will get enough votes to sit around and watch a population of compliance?

This county has so much going for it but their MP’s are apparently not one of them. Anyone out there prepared to stand up and represent our interests and not your own?

Imagine 7 Independents in this great county standing beside the voters and not over them?

Go for it.

Douglas James