A Snap General Election

Theresa May…… a name or a statement of intent?

Probably both in an evil way.

So she wants a snap General Election, well whoopee doos. Of course the idea being to consolidate the horrors her party is inflicting on the Nation. To endorse the total destruction of everything and anything good and decent left in Britain. The full privatisation of the NHS, the handover of our remaining Armed Forces to Brussels and our Nuclear Weapons to Gremany. More taxes, surveillance, more Big Society, more armed, thug police, more benefit theft.

What’s the antedote to this abomination? Labour is dead, so are UKIP, the Lib Dems are a sick joke too.

Go for an Independent Candidate, someone local who has no ties to any corrupt party.

May and her acolytes were, are and always will be pro-EU whatever she spouts……. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. She does exactly what she is told by her puppet masters.

For another 5 years of worsening hell and if you want the web of her disgusting dictatorship to be fully implemented, with OUR approval, then she is desperate for you to vote Tory.

Do so at your peril!

James Pulleine