Activate Deactivated: Tory Grassroots Group Closes

The activists in the online group joked about “gassing chavs” and “shooting peasants” leading the Conservative Party to quickly distance themselves from the grassroots group. It was rumoured that the group were too tame for the Tory party central office who preferred to refer to the comments as aphorisms, not jokes.

Defending the most incompetent Cabinet in UK political history as well as the most lethal and snide just proved too much. With the Corbyn factor being so persuasive, especially with young people and graduates, Activate decided to shut down permanently. Having only officially launched with a drinky poos party in London in April, once the tail of the dog had come off and the hangovers had passed the light of day revealed a dank, drizzly political ideology curdling with the souls of the lost thousands.

The speculation is that the Tory party will now hold a grand seance attempting to raise the ghoulish Oswald Moseley along with Pinochet, Reagan, Thatcher, Enoch Powell and as many other neo nazi spirits that happen to find the prospect of slaughtering the vulnerable as attractive as Duncan Smith, Patel and McVey. Failing that anyone who has to wear a nappy in the presence of the Union flag will also do nicely.

The artist formerly known as Activate has been deactivated and the spirit of hope has won yet another battle. Just the war left.

Douglas James