Censorship is alive and well

So when you think of Jersey and the Channel Islands you most likely think of either beaches and sunshine, or tax dodging domiciles.

One thing that most likely won’t cross your mind is left wing socialism. But we can assure you this is alive and well in the little island of Jersey and is growing by the day.

So much it seems that one of the main vehicles for helping share the articles that provide real insight into real people’s lives is now being censored.

Channel Islands Alternative Media Page (CIAMP) grew from a need to fill a void and give a voice for thousands in this predominantly right wing area of society.

With almost 10k followers and posts getting readership into the thousands it is now lucky to get into double figures.

We were given a 3 day ban for posting a link that allegedly violated community standards.
We challenged the ban and the link was then allowed but the ban remained!!

Three days later we are back to posting our usual left leaning progressive content and our audience reach has been totally decimated from a page with almost 10k followers to literally a handful of people.

Why? Well there may be many reasons but ask yourself one question?
Could it be that a general election in the UK is looming?
We wouldn’t be the first page throttled to restrict reach especially as its very much a Corbyn supporting page.

This is a de facto silencing of left wing views and voices and is completely unacceptable on a supposedly information sharing platform.

Help us build pressure to remove the gag and stop this blatant censorship of anything other than right wing news.

Thanks for your support.
Channel Islands Alternative Media page

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