An interview with a tween…

I thought it might be a nice fun idea to do an interview with my young MasterB – now one of those ‘tweens’ at ten years old.

I thought it would be interesting to see things from his perspective, as well as a lovely memory in years to come when we could look back and read his answers and where he would probably cringe.

So here goes.

These questions are fired at him across the table and the answers are non-edited (so in other words exactly as he answers them) …

1.   So, how old are you Barnaby?


2.   Do you know what your birth zodiac star sign is?

No *giggles* I do not know what that is.

3.   What’s your earliest memory?

When I was with Ellie and we were out at our old house and we were walky-talky each other.  We were about five or six.  Oh there’s an earlier one.  With Ellie again, it was snowing and we were on a walk with my dad and we were trying to get up this icy hill and he was ‘come on it’s easy’ and we were like ‘we can’t get up this hill’.  And then asked us ‘do you want to go on or do you want to start walking back?’ and we said ‘go on’ and then we started moaning.

4.   What pets do you have and introduce us to them.

I have a  dog and a cat and the dog’s name is Kipster she’s a girl and I do not know how old she is.  And our cat’s name is Dilly her real name is Delilah and again I do not know how old she is.

5.   Do you like school?

Ish… *giggles*

6.   What’s your favourite subject at school?

ICT (tells me this is all in capitals – errrr like I don’t know!)

7.   What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?

Mummy stop getting me up violently!!! *giggles hilariously*

8.   What book are you currently reading?

The Boundless – it is amazing because it’s about a train and there’s this boy called Will and he is trying to escape two murderers who are trying to get the key to the billion zillionaires coffin and steal all the money.  This is all happening on the train.  I personally recommend it.

9.   What’s your favourite television programme currently on tv?


10.  What are your hobbies?

Playing Minecraft, playing Minecraft and playing Minecraft *giggles more*

11.  What’s your favourite colour?

Gold slash orange.

12.  What does your mum do and explain a bit about it (this’ll be an interesting one!!)?

My mum does the cooking sometimes and she’s the personal wash station and she is 48 years old and is the best mum ever even though she wakes me up violently in the mornings.

13.  What’s your favourite food?

I don’t know. Oh I know, chicken korma curry.

14.  Describe what your best day ever would be?

My best day ever would be going to Thorpe Park taking my dad on allllllll of the roller coasters and allll of the rides and making him quite scared coz I like seeing him quite scared and then we would whizz back to our house and then I would play Minecraft for an hour and then I would whizz off to London and would meet my second cousins and then we would whizz back here and then we would have lunch and then we would whizz back to Thorpe Park and then whizz back here and then go to the Grange Hotel in London and have a year’s stay there.

15.  Out of all the holidays you can remember, which has been your favourite and why?

Ummmmm, Kefalonia because we met a lovely travel guide person whose name is Mandy and she was really nice and it was memorable because we were driving through the mountains one time and we were in a hire car and we were running very low on petrol. There wasn’t a petrol station to be seen for miles and miles and miles. Yea that was the holiday ish.  We didn’t break down at least.

16.  If you could choose your own bed time, what would it be?

7am – only joking – no no no no – about ummmmm midnight.

17.  Do you do your homework as soon as you get home from school?


18.  If you had to save one possession of yours in a fire – what would it be?

Hmmmm now that’s hard.  My, ummm I really don’t know *shakes head*.

19.  Name one food you don’t like?


20.  If you were going out to eat at a restaurant and you could choose anything to eat, name the starter, main and dessert of your choice?

Starter would be ummm hmmmm starter would be bread sticks and humous.  Main course would be an Indian and then the dessert would be milkshake, ice-cream, milkshake, ice-cream.

21.  What does Christmas mean to you?

A lot of stuff – presents mostly and quality family time.

22.  How would you describe yourself in terms of your ‘style’?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmm *folds arms* good looking ish.

23.  How many Easter eggs did you get this year?


24.  What do you want to be when you are older?

A DJ, a Youtuber, a Minecraft player.

25.  How would you describe your home?

Cool , good looking, fancy, quality – yea.

26.  Being an only child, would you prefer to have a brother or sister, or do you like being number one?

Being number one – coz then I get all the attention and all the money from you *laughs*.

27.  Do you have any cousins?

Two – I do and three is it, second cousins and I can’t go any further back through the family tree because I do not know what else is there.

28.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Antigua because it’s very hot, its sunny, its amazing but I wouldn’t live there.  I would live in the UK.

29.  Which season do you prefer; winter, spring, summer or autumn and why?

Ummm *long pause* winter spring summer and autumn – can’t choose – all of them.

30.  What do you think about your mum writing a blog?

Coolio – it’s amazing I’m gob smacked.  She’s amazing, how many people see her blog every day I do not know and I love her.  Oh and you’re amazing too – make sure you put that ……

Wow, that was the funniest thing to do with him – bless his heart.

Some of the answers really made me laugh and some quite surprised me, especially number 18. Was sure he’d say his Xbox!!

What a gorgeous lovely boy we have – of course I’ve always known that, but this really has made me SMILE – thank you darling MasterB for accepting the challenge to take part in my ‘tween interview‘.

Oh and by the way, I’m not 48!!!

Why not have a go at this interview, or make your own questions up, with your tween.  You could even do this with all your children.  I’m sure some of the answers will be surprising – I know they were for me.

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