James (not) Cleverly is not the sharpest tool in the box. In fact he is just a tool. But even he must admit that he asked for this. What he does not know is that many clever people saw the Tory party plan, to stay alive for a little longer, coming since 2013. To then assume that Labour MP’s would be surprised by the neo con takeover merely reflects how much of an imbecile Mr Cleverly is.

Therefore when he posted this ridiculous tweet he must have known that any body with an IQ in double figures would have pounced upon him with a retort that would blow him out of the water. It just so happened that compared to the Tories many other MP’s have more emotional intelligence in their scrotum than they do.

First Mr Cleverly:

Then Angela Rayner:

Then the nation:

Just some of the wonderful responses to James Cleverly. The biggest oxymoron in the village.

Douglas James



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