‘Okay, let’s get serious.

You wannabe back door burglars are going nowhere.

You are not going to separate one section of the country (Dorset) in the hope that the chink will cause a crack in the rest of the country.  

Brexit is the referendum result, the result is going to stand, and you lot are risking civil war. 

I, like millions of others, am ex military, and like millions of others, I am eager to fight those a-holes who try to corrupt the democratic result  – TO THE ABSOLUTE DEATH. Just light the spark. You whingers have mis-read the feelings of the Brexit voters.

In civvy street, I, like many millions of others, am working class. 

I, among many millions of others, for decades, have been mis-used, abused, threatened, been made to make bricks without straw, treated like sh*t, seen many people suffer, known suicides among workmates and local community families, seen the elderly, sick, and disabled treated like extermination camp inmates with only death as their relief, all because of mammon worshipping tin gods who think they are above and separate from the Human race, and who, once in a position of power, turn into self centred Nazi Ghouls.

Decades – that’s a big chunk of anyone’s life. WWII was only 6 years.

It is time for us to have our lives back from ALL Nazi minded power maniacs, both here at home, and also from the vile 4th Reich EU, and we will fight you pathetic mammonista Nazis for that right.You are not going to treat us like sh*t any more.’


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