Health Injustice of Planned Waste Incinerator by Canford Heath
A recent chance sighting of a BCP notice on a lamppost of a revised planning application for a waste incinerator, led to a resident informing those affected in the local community Facebook groups of Bearwood, Merley and Canford Heath.
MVV Environment Ltd. is planning to spend £290 million to extensively develop and intensify  the existing Canford Recycling Plant at Canford Arena for an operational life up to 2065. They plan to turn it into an Energy from Waste facility with a huge 110m by 3m chimney, which will be seen from miles around.
In recent years, waste incinerators have been banned from being given planning permission in both Wales and Scotland, due to independent report indications of the harmful effects of pollution emitted from them.
In 2019, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called ‘Stop allowing new waste incinerators’
In 2021, A group of MPs called for ‘a moratorium on the expansion of new waste incineration plants.’
The response to the proposed Energy from Waste aka Waste Incinerator, at Canford Park Arena, has seen most local residents claim not to have known anything about it, leading to questions on why the local councillors and MP have failed to communicate this, particularly with the forecast from the Dorset Waste Plan in 2019, identifying commercial and industrial waste making up over half of the total.

Multiple concerns raised last year in the local objections to the initial planning application are largely felt to be left withstanding following MVV’s response report via Savills. 
There is a clear lack of accountability for monitoring and testing of the potential polluted fumes from the chimney. It’s not just the unpleasant odours emitted that are an issue, air quality is a critical concern, and at another incinerator site, this has been commented on by Medact, an organisation of health workers campaigning for health justice. Dr. Kate Bernard of Medact North East commented: “As nurses and doctors campaigning against proposed waste incinerators…we are deeply concerned about the effects of incineration on the health of the local community. Waste incinerators are an example of health injustice—disproportionately built in deprived areas, often without the consent of communities living there.”.
Locals are angered that an additional part of the green belt is being considered by BCP for this site and are deeply concerned of the detrimental effects on neighbouring Canford Heath, a site of special scientific interest, are being downplayed. Yet the Portland site had been refused planning permission on environmental grounds.
Furthermore, it is felt that a report on the impact of additional traffic, on an already heavily congested Magna Road, is inadequate and inaccurate. With an estimated 264 vehicles per day from the EfW site on top of two new sizeable residential developments around the Canford SANG; Oakwood Park and Canford Vale, the local road system will become gridlocked and exacerbate pollution levels further in the area.
This expansion development and waste incinerator are believed to be a disaster for the local environment, public health, tourism and the rights of local people now, and for future generations.
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