Former Councillor William James Kirkbride, an Outspoken Corbyn critic and internet troll who regularly got into heated arguments with left wing Labour Members, is in court charged with child sex offences.

Kirkbride who often said he found his political home in 1997 under Tony Blair. And had been a fierce opponent of the direction the Labour Party had taken under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Often engaging in anti-Corbyn tirades and wishing his party would “See sense”.

Shocking. Not sure if anyone remembers this guys anti Corbyn rants all over my statuses. The red Tory is allegedly a peado. I ended up blocking him because I got sick of hearing Tory Blair is god.

He has became well-known for his outbursts online with many not even believing he could have been a Labour Councillor due to his right wing positions. He often claimed the Labour Party had a problem with antisemitism in the Corbyn era. As self proclaimed ally of Margaret Hodge and the Chief Rabbi he regularly attacked former Labour MP Chris Williamson claiming he brought the Labour Party into disrepute.

Kirkbride now faces charges of attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence and engaging in sexual communication with a child. He entered no plea at this time. @TheProleStar

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