Are South Dorset Tory MP Richard Drax’s South Dorset Hunt beginning to crumble? Is there a possibility of an amalgamation with another Dorset hunt?

With riders fleeing the SD like rats from a sinking ship or a Fox from the jaws of the pursuing dog’s, riders are being seen more and more with other hunts, mainly the Portman🤔

With the areas that Juggers and co hunt getting smaller and smaller, is it all just getting to boring and predictable, even the dogs decided to visit Milborne st Andrew early last Saturday morning….on their own!!!

Shortly after setting off in the Green Landy (Wolfie), we recieved a call from a good friend at North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs to say that a lot of familiar faces from the SD support were being seen in the area, strange, this was then backed up by a call to a hotline by a member of the public saying that they thought they had just recognised the SD dog lorry heading towards Sturminster Newton, North Dorset. Today wasn’t a planned joint meet so we were rather intrigued…

We caught up with the hunt as the dogs were in cry at Meatyards Coppice. Sabs were deployed and quickly intervened, using the gizmo to distract the dogs who then lost the scent…well they now all knew that we were there that’s for sure!! All the usual support who have been loyal to the SD for many years were at the Portman but noticeably the 3 hired knuckle draggers that usually protect Juggers & co were absent. So what was Juggers up to, maybe all the running with the dogs on foot recently was practice for a different kind of wildlife slaughter, sorry, management? Maybe he was going to master a Beagle pack? Maybe he was having a bit of time out to relax and do a bit of sketching or somthing?

Gathering up the dogs, Josh began drawing them along the hedge line past the sewage works before exiting at Eastwell lane.

Joining today with our friends from Wildlife Witness, North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs, Dorset Against Blood Sports, Solent Sabs and some of our fantastic Independent Monitors, Sabs headed along the footpath. It seems some of the riders were rather put out having their killing ‘fun’ taken away from them as their prey escaped to safety. Riders dismounted and Sabs were assaulted.

Trying again to pick up the scent the huntsman headed East towards Thorton Farm. Another favourite thing for the Portman is to search for a Fox that may be hiding in a farm barn, but with no luck here they headed off to another old favourite Northwood Copse. With team 2 already deployed there and the Copse previously sprayed and pre beaten, they once again drew a blank. Josh then headed South to try the empty barns at Higher Farm, where team 1 were now awaiting their arrival!

Round and round Josh took the dogs, with Sabs constantly in tow. At Ramshill it was time to second Horse, giving Sabs time to regroup and prepare for the next round of saving lives from this murderous hunt.

Crossing the very busy main Shaftsbury rd the dogs were taken to yet another old favourite hunting ground Manor Farm at West Orchard where sure enough the dogs soon ‘found’ a Fox and gave chase along Fishey Lane until the poor, terrified animal found safety in a Badger Sett (run to ground). Sabs ran in to surround the Sett and prevent a ‘dig out’ only to be assaulted by the entourage of ‘scum’ that were following them. Sabs stood their ground tho, causing Josh to pull his dogs away.

Once more on the run, the hunt desperate for a kill headed towards another favourite, Newbury Copse. The dogs once again ‘found’ a Fox and gave chase. Running through residential gardens at Farrington, residents were angry and very very concerned for the safety of their beloved Cats from the rampaging dogs. In the scenes of utter recklessness that ensued, the dogs ran straight into the path of an oncoming ambulance, which, luckily wasnt on an emergency call and travelling at high speeds, before losing the scent at Peggs Farm due to Sabs (with great help from Monitors) being able to cover the scent with citronella….another life saved, for now….

By 4.30pm and in near darkness, the hunt gave up and proceeded to box up the dogs and Horses and for Hugh (redcoat for Tory MP Richard Drax’s tenants the South Dorset Hunt), but today riding with the Portman, to head back to the SD kennels and ringmaster Juggers.

This was an extremely arduous day for Monitors and Sabs as the hunt covered a huge area of ground in their search for a kill. With no kills to be had the frustrated, bloodthirsty support turned to assaulting and abusing Sabs and even threatening elderly Monitors!! Typical behaviour from those whose bloodlust today was NOT fulfilled…..job done.

If you would like to join us then please message this page or email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for all your amazing support.…

Lisa Ramirez 

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