I hope you don’t mind folks as this is not an article I’ve published in Spotlight, it’s a genuine question that I’m asking my Jewish friends to answer because something has me baffled and I really could do with some guidance on this.

If it’s Antisemitic to blame all Jews for the atrocities of Israel (which I personally agree with) then why do pro-Israel lobby groups like the Board of Directors and Campaign Against Antisemitism get away with labelling people Antisemitic for criticising Israel? Aren’t they then linking all Jews to the policies of the Israeli government and isn’t that Antisemitic? Equally, many Jews do not subscribe to the ideology of Zionism so attacking all Jews for being Zionists would seem to me to be Antisemitic. Why then do the Israel lobby get away with labelling people Antisemitic for criticising Zionist ideology? Aren’t they then calling all Jews Zionists?

Following that train of thought, isn’t flying the Israeli flag at an rally fighting Antisemitism, actually Antisemitic?

I’ve posed this question in a Facebook post as well as I suspect quite a few people could do with some guidance on this


Koser Saeed

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