A couple of months ago a fellow Labour supporter messaged me and asked me if I had heard about the ‘anti-semitism map’. I had not so they sent me the link and suggested I looked to see if I was on the map. I honestly thought that I would never find my name on that map as I am not racist in any way. I am sure you can imagine my shock and anger to not only find my name but also my location on the map. Not only was I angry about being labelled as anti-semitic but also at my private information being put on the map for anybody to see. It is a total invasion of my privacy and goes against data privacy regulations which are upheld by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

At the end of this piece I will put a link to the map plus a link to the ICO website complaints page. If you find yourself on the page then I would advise you to make a complaint. I have made a complaint and I do know that many others have also complained.

Who is behind this map? I hear you ask. The creator of the map is Ray Baker, one of the pro-Israel, right-wing, racist trolls who use the Gnasherjew account on Twitter. He resides in a place called Pen – Clawdd in Swansea, Wales. His employment records show that he is working/has worked for Quintiles (now called IQVIA) and Fujitsu. His Twitter ID is @LaughingDevil1 you can also find him on Facebook. The host site for the map is owned by an Israeli company, who when contacted about the map stated that they had no control over what their users published on the internet.

Ray Baker had decided who to put on the map using information gathered on Twitter using he Gnasherjew account and others (what information was used is logged on each person’s entry on the map). When asked whether he had created the map Ray Baker had no problem in admitting that he had, and said that he had done it so there was a record of anti-semites around the world.

The creation of this map is part of the ongoing smear campaign by pro- Israel factions and the campaign of harassment and bullying by Gnasherjew, Sussex Friends of Israel, LAAS, CAA and others to try and scare Corbyn supporters and those who support Palestine. They all claim to be fighing anti-semitism but the truth is that they are all rampant Islamophobes and are using the fight against anti-semitism to hide the truth. The pro-Israel faction are scared of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM because it will mean the end of aid for Israel and the beginning of help and aid for Palestine. There is a contingency within the Gnasherjew faction that are pro-Israel and they have been duped by Gnasherjew. Ok, I was going to save this for another piece but I will share this with you now. The person behind the creation of Gnasherjew is called John Arnott and he resembles a typical EDL member in appearance ( bald and beer belly). He lives in Oxfordshire and will be furious about the twinning of Oxford with Ramallah in Palestine.

The campaign of harassment and bullying by these right wing elements has resulted in people leaving social media platforms like Twitter; losing their jobs when their employers have been contacted and told a load of lies about them;having family members being approached and told lies; suffering from anxiety and/or depression due to the stress of continual harassment and bullying. The behaviour of these elements is a disgrace and a blight on all social media sites. The lack of censure by Twitter and Facebook against these elements is equally disgraceful.

Here are the links I told you about earlier in the piece

Information Commissioner’s Office Complaints ( use the personal information concerns)


Labour Anti-Semitism Map


Sam Bentley

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