Are you sick of the misinformation, racism and lies from the BBC and right wing commentators?

Unbelievable! Actually no it wasn’t. It is normal. It is a democratic deficit run by ignorant, arrogant powerful people to belittle and embarrass. Fiona Bruce is just another white middle class puppet presenting a white middle class programme on a mostly white middle class broadcaster. The experience of Question Time, Newsnight and the various discussion and news programmes is a propaganda filled bowl of skewed narrative. Vegetable soup without the vegetables.

This example below is a horror show of garbage dressed up as a democratic forum. It seeks to appeal to the lowest intellectual common denominator.

This from 2016:

Is BBC Question Time’s audience producer really a fascist?

and this from further back in 2013:

Is BBC Question Time fit for Purpose?

reveal that the BBC flagship political programme has been undermining our intelligence and our democracy. Yet nothing is done as it panders to those who know no better and seek no better.

This will not change whilst the Tories have their hands up the BBC’s backside. The Tories are only clinging on to power because they wield so much influence over the corporate media who in turn wield so much influence over them. A vicious circle that has grown claws in more recent times.

Hopefully the young will break free and the make up of these types of programmes will radically change. However, whilst Ms Bruce and one eyed so called journalists call the elitist shots it may take a while.

Douglas James