First things first:

And then this:

  1. Trade Volume: China is one of the UK’s largest trading partners outside of the EU. The trade volume between the two countries has been significant, with trade in goods and services valued in billions of pounds annually.
  2. WTO Membership: Both the UK and China are members of the World Trade Organisation, which provides a framework for their trade relations and establishes rules for international trade.
  3. Bilateral Investment: The UK and China have also pursued bilateral investment agreements to facilitate investment flows between the two countries. Chinese investment in the UK has been particularly notable in sectors such as real estate, energy, and infrastructure.
  4. Strategic Dialogues and Partnerships: The UK and China have engaged in strategic dialogues and partnerships aimed at enhancing economic cooperation. These dialogues often cover a wide range of issues, including trade, investment, finance, innovation, and technology.
  5. Challenges and Tensions: Despite the significant trade volume between the UK and China, there have been challenges and tensions in their trade relationship. These include issues related to market access, intellectual property rights, and geopolitical tensions affecting trade dynamics.
  6. Future Prospects: Both countries have expressed interest in further deepening their economic ties, and negotiations for a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement may be explored in the future. However, the outcome and timeline of such negotiations would depend on various factors, including political developments, economic priorities, and international relations.

As of 2022, the annual trade in goods between the UK and China has been estimated to be in the range of £70 billion to £80 billion.

Will this end because the politicians want to find another enemy to distract us?

Of course not!

And as for the UK propaganda service:

Douglas James

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