Before we let the BBC explain the catastrophe that the Tory right wing imposed on the country, let us remind ourselves of some of the disasters that befell us:

  1. Economic Impact:
    • Trade Barriers: Exiting the EU has resulted in trade barriers between the UK and its former EU partners, potentially leading to increased tariffs and restrictions on the movement of goods and services.
    • Uncertainty: The prolonged uncertainty surrounding Brexit has had negative effects on business investment, economic growth, and consumer confidence.
  2. Market Access:
    • Loss of Single Market Access: The UK’s departure from the EU means it loses access to the Single Market, which limits its ability to benefit from the free movement of goods, services, capital, and labour within the EU.
  3. Financial Services:
    • Impact on Financial Services: London, as a financial hub, now faces challenges as it loses its status as the primary gateway to EU financial markets, affecting the financial services sector.
  4. Customs and Border Controls:
    • Increased Border Checks: The reintroduction of customs checks and border controls has led to delays and increased administrative burdens on businesses involved in cross-border trade.
  5. Impact on Jobs:
    • Job Losses: Some industries, particularly those heavily reliant on EU markets or EU labour have experienced job losses as a result of changes in trade dynamics.
  6. Regulatory Divergence:
    • Regulatory Misalignment: The UK may need to establish its own regulations and standards, which has led to regulatory misalignment with the EU, making trade more complicated.
  7. Research and Innovation:
    • Loss of Funding: The UK has lost access to EU research and innovation funding programs, affecting collaborative projects and the exchange of ideas.
  8. Movement of People:
    • Restrictions on Free Movement: The end of free movement of people between the UK and the EU has impacted industries reliant on skilled labour and could complicate issues like cross-border commuting.
  9. Northern Ireland Border Issues:
    • Border Challenges in Ireland: The withdrawal agreement has introduced special arrangements for Northern Ireland, but issues related to the Irish border still arose. Rishi Sunak’s government is currently trying to overcome the incompetence of the Johnson government before him.
  10. Political and Diplomatic Implications:
    • Impact on Diplomacy: The UK’s departure has altered its diplomatic standing and influence within the EU and globally.
  11. Impact on EU Integration:
    • Potential Influence on EU Integration: The departure of a major member state might influence the future direction and cohesion of the EU.

Now for the BBC:

We have been served lie after lie. Brexit could have been so much better, but as many warned, never under the Tories and certainly not under the shambles of Boris Johnson.

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