Ben Habib: Man of the People?

Ben Habib is a figure in contemporary British politics and business, known for his outspoken views on Brexit and his involvement in various enterprises. As a former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Brexit Party, Habib played a crucial role during a pivotal time in the United Kingdom’s political landscape.

Born in 1965, Ben Habib comes from a diverse background, which has significantly shaped his perspectives. His father, M. A. R. Habib, was a diplomat and his upbringing was marked by a multicultural environment. Habib received his early education at the prestigious Rugby School and later attended Cambridge University, where he studied law. You will not see him at your local laundrette on a wet Saturday afternoon. This educational foundation provided him with a robust platform to launch his career in both business and politics.

Before venturing into politics, Ben Habib established himself as a successful businessman. He is the CEO of First Property Group, a property fund manager and investor, which he founded in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has grown significantly, managing investments across the UK and Central Europe. Habib’s business acumen is reflected in the company’s performance, which has been noted for its strategic investment choices and resilient returns.

His business career has not been without controversy. Habib has faced criticism for his outspoken views on various issues, particularly those related to the European Union. Nonetheless, his business achievements have earned him respect and recognition in the corporate world.

Habib’s foray into politics was driven by his strong opposition to the European Union and his belief in British sovereignty. He joined the Brexit Party, founded by Nigel Farage, which campaigned for the UK’s departure from the EU. In the 2019 European Parliament elections, Habib was elected as an MEP for London, a position he held until the UK’s exit from the EU in January 2020.

During his tenure as an MEP, Habib was vocal about the perceived failures of the EU and the benefits of Brexit. He argued that leaving the EU would allow the UK to regain control over its laws, borders, and trade policies. Habib’s speeches and writings during this period were characterised by a passionate defense of national sovereignty and economic independence.

Ben Habib’s influence extends beyond his political office. As a media commentator and public speaker, he continues to advocate for policies that align with his views on sovereignty and economic freedom. His commentary often appears in major right wing publications and he is a frequent guest on news programs, where he discusses Brexit and other political issues.

One of Habib’s significant contributions to the Brexit debate was his emphasis on the economic opportunities that Brexit could bring to the UK. Up until now, he has been proved very wrong. He has been an advocate for free trade agreements and deregulation, arguing that these measures could boost the UK’s global competitiveness.

Habib’s career has not been without its controversies. His critics argue that his views on the EU and immigration are overly simplistic and fail to account for the complexities of international relations and economics. Additionally, his business interests have sometimes been seen as conflicting with his political positions, leading to accusations of self-interest.

Despite these criticisms, Habib has remained a steadfast advocate for his beliefs. His resilience in the face of opposition has earned him a dedicated following among Brexit supporters and those who share his vision of a sovereign, economically independent UK.

Here he is being torn to shreds as he answers questions with questions and admits that he has no problem getting a private health appointment. He also comes across as someone who want to use history for propaganda. Can anyone remember someone famous from the twentieth century who did exactly the same?

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