Suella Braverman’s total failure as Home Secretary was underlined by the rejection of the Rwanda deal by the Supreme Court.

Arguably, her earlier extremely provocative letter to the Times was deliberate self inflicted political suicide.

She knew she would not survive her serial failures on migration, the epidemic of knife crime and deaths and her inability to cope with peaceful protest. So she then sought to portray herself as a martyr. She self destructed!

Braverman was originally dragged out of obscurity by Boris Johnson, desperate to claim some kind of legal pretence for his twists and turns on Brexit. A “legal” pretext to break the withdrawal agreement with the EU.

Braverman then frantically shopped around to find any kind of support from the legal community for her tenuous arguments – but their opinion, her “series of implausible and unevidenced assertions (were) dressed up as “assessments” and (she) deals with the main reason why the government’s position is hopeless by ignoring them.

Thus, being promoted way above her limited capabilities gave her false delusions of competency, exacerbated further by being promoted to Home Secretary by the desperate Lyn Truss. Even then, Braverman was fired for using private emails to share government documents with cronies.

With Rishi Sunak now prime minister, Braverman returned to the Home Office, where she responded to every difficulty by blaming someone else, including Priti Patel, a fellow right wing Tory Home Secretary! Focused on migrants, she ignored the numerous young deaths from stabbing.

Braverman’s very limited legal experience has been exposed by her bruising brushes with the legal system and the police. She is no martyr; she is simply arrogant and incompetent, blinded by ambition.

Andrew Milroy

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