Some heart breaking news across Christchurch today, Another local bloke has taken his own life. One of the hardest things for a bloke is too speak out and ask for help because it’s not ‘Manley’ or portrays men as weak. We are all human and suffer in our own individual ways.

Mental health is not a joke. It’s a real Illness that doesn’t discriminate. No amount of money or fame can fix it. Blokes please don’t battle it on your own. Help others who are suffering from depression and mental Health. It really does swallow up lives. The internal battle some blokes face every day is damaging. Remember it’s ok not to be ok.

It doesn’t make you weak or any less off a man than you or I. A single man can not win in battle with a thousand enemies. Ask for help and face the battle with loved ones and the ones that care the most.

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