‘Boris having affair with the partner of one his most loyal supporters’

According to the wonderful Daily Politik and the equally wonderful Zelo Street Blogspot

Boris’ wandering willy and the all round family man has been setting an example to British morality yet again:

‘Guido blogger & Sun columnist, Harry Cole has spent the past few years promoting both Brexit and Boris Johnson as the next PM, only to find out his pal Boris has been having an affair with his long-term partner, Tory staffer, Carrie Symmonds.

Not only has Boris betrayed his wife, but also one of his media fanboys.

One of the reasons why this is in the public interest is that Carrie was, until recently, the internal communications director for Conservative HQ.

This means that she was having an affair with Boris whilst being privy to (his rival) Theresa May’s communications strategy in a clear conflict of interest.

Was it the information or the woman Boris was after?

Symonds was moved out of Tory HQ after she started tweeting endless positive comments about Boris, and was said to be indiscreet in her loyalty to Boris and criticism of Theresa May, actively promoting Johnson’s interests in front of May’s.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about this story is that many in the media were aware of the ongoing affair for months, and failed to report it. If it had been John McDonnell shagging a party aide to get info on his enemies, it would have been front page news for weeks.’