For the record there are NO coronavirus patients in Kettering hospital and there never has been and why the hell don’t Sky News do their jobs instead of enabling this absolute dick****.

Thankfully the public who have their brains functioning are not shy in informing them and him:

‘He was in Kettering Hospital. They have no Coronavirus patients. He’s lying to you again. Straight out of the Trump playbook – make shit up, endanger the public in doing so, the media covers for him. We are so fucked if this takes hold.’
‘Perhaps you could point out that the Prime Minister is LYING . There are no Coronavirus cases in Kettering hospital . This is Boris Johnson in full lying mode and we are supposed to take him seriously ….’
‘He was in Kettering hospital which doesn’t have any patients with Covid 19. You won’t be surprised to know he was lying as per A dangerous lie.’
‘He was at Kettering Hospital- no Coronavirus patients. Johnson is lying. Again. It’s his default position. Again, he sows destruction whenever he opens his mouth – as shaking hands with Coronavirus patients would be really foolish.’

Penny Lane

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