I  am not a member of any political party but have watch the election process with puzzlement.
Boris Johnson is desperate to avoid tough direct questioning on his policies.
He refused to take part in the debates for the Tory leadership, he refused to take part in the Channel 4 leadership debate and is now stalling his appearance on the Andrew Neil show.
Television coverage of what should be the Tories’s main asset is strictly confined to controlled sound bites.
Even in such controlled sound bites, Johnson looks very uncomfortable around ordinary people. The posh Old Etonian does not relate to the everyday voter, mere plebs!  His so-called charm only emerges only when with his own mostly public school chums and cronies.
The criticism of his fellow Old Etonian and Bullingdon Club member David Cameron that he was totally out of touch with ordinary people, not  even knowing the price of a loaf of bread, applies even more strongly to Johnson.
Johnson focusses on Brexit because he flounders completely on other issues, making up conflicting answers “on the hoof”.  Yet even a prominent Brexit Party MEP has said he would rather stay in the EU than have Johnson’s deal!
He has inherited the prolonged, corrosive Austerity regime that has damaged so many local services, the police, hospital and libraries. Yet he talks of yet more tax cuts for his wealthy friends!
It is looking increasingly that even Johnson’s own cronies and handlers don’t trust him, that he is seen as a potential huge liability to the Tory Campaign and has to  be very strictly controlled.  This is a man whom former Daily Telegraph Editor Max Hastings described as “utterly unfit to be prime minister” and his “allies” in the Brexit Party describe as “someone  nobody has ever trusted in his entire career.”
Pete Milory
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