The Northern Ireland Protocol was central to the Withdrawal Agreement. The outcome is as was warned by multiple people across both countries at the time. Why would anyone sign an agreement that they supposedly did not agree with?

Watch as this presenter interviewing Boris Johnson asked him: “You must be fuming with whoever signed that deal?”

If the agenda was to split up the British isles and destroy the UK it is going swimmingly. Since the Tories got in in 2010 the SNP have taken over Scotland, Labour are in control of Wales and Sinn Fein are now biggest group in Northern Ireland. Add to that the division between the English over Brexit and the sabotaging of Jeremy Corbyn with out and out lies we have a country waiting to implode.

However, the public in their swathes voted for an Etonian blagger who has lied to them and laughed at them since 2019. The list of his misdemeanors would see him locked up for life in the USA and yet many of the English public fell for it. What does that say about them?#

What we have here is a man who was pro EU switching sides due to promises made by influential backers who then signed a completely unworkable document based on hope. I hope for a lot of things but I don’t impose all my failings on to my country like he has. He takes the plaudits for other people’s achievements but never takes responsibility for his own multiple failings. He is a millstone around this country seemingly put there by millions of people who some sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

When one drops a brick on a plane of glass one should not be surprised when it shatters. It’s just a shame millions of others voted against the brick.

As ever is and was and will be unless…?

Douglas James

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