Watching the morning news roundup on BBC2, whilst Boris Johnson presented his newly discovered “deal” to breech the Brexit deadlock – a solution hoped for by Johnson himself, his Tory Brexiteers; the financially well rewarded DUP and a few nondescript Labour MPs – it was notable amidst the anger and disappointment displayed by those in HM Opposition from all parties, that Johnson was himself the absolute soul of politeness, discretion and empathy in his responses to ALL of those in opposition who questioned him or even attacked his stated intentions. Not an insult, a smear, an unparliamentary comment or gesture did he voice or make.

So, what had happened to turn this garrulous, arrogant and vicious creature into such a gentle genie full of bonhomie and the magic dust he seemed to sprinkle all about him..? It wasn’t the threats he had received from Mr. Speaker – who sadly seemed to have lost his voice to a bad cold or some-such Illness – or of the retribution he’d receive if he did not staunch his flow of anger, and desist from calling the Benn Act the Surrender Act, NO..!

It appears to me that Dominic Cummings has instructed his pupil-in-the-art-of-hatred that it’s now time to calm down, and display the gentler side to his nature; one not seen at the dispatch box since he became prime minister…this makes this monster an even more dangerous kind of Tory bastard than he has been before: kind, considerate and understanding are NOT aspects we have experienced from the stumbling, blathering and waffling blimp of a man before.

Look out for them, folks, and see how long this juxtaposition lasts..! It has seriously shocked and worried me…

John David Jones

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