#NotTheNews with Jolyon Rubinstein returns for Episode 3!

Laugh Out Loud Satirical British Comedy at its finest!

MUST WATCH! As Boris Johnson said: “Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a Titanic success of it”?! If you love everything about Britain like Big Ben (Brexit Ben?) or the Royal Mint or even the Brexit Fifty Pence Coin, or you just want to ‘Get Brexit Done’, then you need to know the SHOCKING TRUTH behind Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s brazen attempt at not only breaking international law, but breaking his own international treaty, a treaty he signed with the EU just a few months ago.

Should the government break the law in search of its Brexit utopia?

Have politicians like Michael Gove MP and Suella Braverman MP been honest about their Brexit intentions?

Anyway, don’t worry kids, the government is only planning on breaking the law in a limited and specific way.

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