Britain First candidate’s journey to the foul stench of fascism

The Britain First candidate for Littlemoor and Preston in Weymouth, Ken Kearsey, is also the British fascist Regional Officer for the South of England. The fact that he is looking for votes in Weymouth and believes he can get them suggests that the horrific attitudes that permeated in the UK and beyond in the 1930’s and the 1970’s are with us once again.

The scapegoating of others that have different skin colours and cultures led to tens of millions dying when our parents/grandparents were young and now these vile creatures are attempting to take the 21st century down the same path.

There is no pretence. Perhaps the political climate now lends itself to hate more than it has for 40 or so years but to succumb can only lead to destruction.

The debt this country has and the political turmoil it is experiencing is nothing to do with other faiths but with those in power and those who hoard their wealth and hide it from the British public. The ones who run down our services and exploit us in the workplace. The ones who label the disabled and the unemployed look like ‘scroungers’. The media owners aka corporate billionaires and their whims.

The real problem is not Muslims or Jews or Sikhs or Catholics… but those who lie and manipulate us daily.

Vote them out and take out your anger and frustrations on power not the vulnerable.

Don’t listen to the likes of Mr Kearsey. he is only appealing to your ignorance and powerlessness.

Taken from ‘Blackshirt’ newsletter:

‘My name is Ken Kearsey, I’ve always been politically aware and active.

As a young man I was idealistic and naïve and joined the Socialist Workers party aged sixteen. I was a member of the Labour party during my years working for Royal Mail as a training officer.

My journey to Fascism has been a gradual one over the years as it’s become increasingly apparent that Socialism/Communism and the left generally do not have the solutions to our nation’s problems and concerns.

I now work for a small family contract cleaning business mainly carrying out work for social services, horders, evictions, adaptations etc. It’s not glamorous work but someone has to do it and it’s great fun.

I am a Vegan and have always been involved with animal rights/welfare organisations, hunt sabs, animal aid, etc. I am a committed Christian and currently training with the Church of England. I am a member of “The Gideons International” Christian business men’s association.

I have a daughter,Sarah 34, who is an assistant practitioner at the eye unit at a General Hospital and my son Adam, 32 also works at the General as a maintenance engineer.’

Be a proud caring person not a fascist and a nazi.

Douglas James