British Gas: Lies and Bullying

Here we go again, just like the disgusting Tories, using bully boy tactics to try and get folk to accept the unacceptable.

This is a letter recently sent to a BG customer who deemed to ask questions of them, note the wording……EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS IS GOING TO HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED.

Lies, blatant lies, there is NO compulsion whatsoever to have one of these nasty little devices in your home. They do NOT save you a bean, can cause fires are very likely to  have instant dreadful effects on your health. Plus…. if you allow it, you can’t ever get it removed.

So, if you allow installation, just watch all those within 75 meters of you go down with a cancer, dementia and alzheimers, this is fact!

Maybe BG get their propaganda straight from Tory Cental Office!

James Pulleine