‘British Movement’ Racists Targeting Portland

A neo nazi sympathising group is targeting Portlanders in an attempt to spread their lies and hate. The police have been notified and a meeting has been arranged.

British Movement on Portland

One resident has responded:

‘We’re on the housing list.

First. I wouldn’t mind waiting a little bit longer so a family from Syria that really needs a home gets one before us. 

Second. The Dorset home choice website says that Dorset council have promised to house …wait for it…..EIGHT families by the end of parliament! EIGHT! We’re being overrun ! What are we going to do?

I think this type of propaganda is just awful and is similar to what’s happening in Kensington where there are people upset that those from Grenfel tower might be housed near to them. What has happened to humanity?’

Local councillor Tia Roos has contacted this group:

Councillor Tia Roos

Councillor Tia Roos (2)

As one Portlander stated ‘the vast majority of people will ignore this but there is a small minority in which this might appeal. They are the ones we all need to keep an eye on.’

Douglas James