How many times does one see the term ‘Cultural Marxism’ being used by right wingers on social media and probably in their sleep but when questioned as to what they mean they act like they have been asked in Aramaic?

If you are going to use a term then do the reading and the contemplation before looking a complete **** in public. If they had done the reading then an intelligent discussion follows. However, it has never happened yet.

BTW Karl Marx was NOT a Marxist!

Caller hasn't a clue!

When this caller started shouting about Marxists and Marxism, James had to ask him what the words actually meant… and it didn't have a clue ??

Posted by Vote Love Not Hate on Tuesday, 4 February 2020

For those not sure try this and then phone a radio… station:

A Brief Introduction to Marxism


Penny Lane

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