Can You Tell Fake News?

What is fake News?

What is fake news? How to spot it and what you can do to stop it

Newsround meets Full Fact! Factchecking in schools

Now you have seen how these children got on how about you. Can you spot fake news? What are the implications for being conned; fooled; deceived….

How will it influence the way you vote? Treat others? Think about the community around you or the world?….

From these six headlines can you identify which ones are fake and which ones are not?

Answers at then end. Good luck for a whole range of reasons.

1) Immigrants to be given £8,500 upon arrival to boost economy 

2) Iceland to host New Year’s Eve party for asylum seekers 

3) Donald Trump picks millionaire oil boss with close links to Vladimir Putin as Secretary of State 

4) Essex villages High Easter and Good Easter forced to change offensive names after complaints 

5) Trump offering free one-way tickets to Africa, Mexico for those who wanna leave America 

6) Tourist bitten by massive crocodile after trying to take a selfie 


How many did you get?