From 2015:

‘I spoke to Jeremy Corbyn last night and am pleased to have this morning nominated him to be leader of the Labour Party. While there is enough that Jeremy and I disagree on to mean that I won’t be voting for him, I believe the choice of who becomes Labour’s next leader should be made by Labour members and supporters – not by MPs.

Back in April Jeremy launched my campaign to be re-elected as MP for Tottenham. Before becoming an MP he was, of course, a Haringey councillor and has been a great friend of the area for many years. We voted together in the last Parliament against Trident and against fracking, and previously worked together on his Private Members Bill on rent controls. He is a man of immense integrity and principle and will contribute hugely to the debate about the future of our party in the coming weeks.

I believe that rebuilding after a significant election defeat means having the broadest and most open debate possible. It was for this reason that in 2010 I nominated Diane Abbott for leader to help her get on to the ballot, and spent many hours encouraging others to do likewise. I have always been clear that the Labour Party is a broad coalition and it is important that Jeremy Corbyn’s perspective is heard over the coming months. I hope other MPs will join me in helping Jeremy get on to the ballot and giving Labour members the decision of who becomes our next leader.’

I know David Lammy would hate this pic being shared all over. Just saying.

From 2020:

Below is a video of David Lammy in March 2020 speaking at a lecture about inspirational politician Bernie Grant, who was Lammy’s Labour predecessor in the seat of Tottenham. He says he wishes Bernie could have been alive today to see his friend Jeremy Corbyn become leader of the Labour Party. Bernie Grant was a strong advocate for Britain’s black community and founded the Black Caucus in parliament. He campaigned on many anti-racist issues – alongside his friend Jeremy Corbyn – and co-founded and chaired the African Reparations Movement to campaign for reparations for slavery and racism.

There are numerous examples of Lammy praising Corbyn before the Labour Right took control of Labour. Here’s just one of them.

Now spring forward to the pro apartheid Zionist Labour party:

‘Speaking at this year’s Limmud festival, a Jewish event, the shadow foreign secretary said he “never believed” Corbyn would become leader and that his nomination was “a mistake”.

“I regret nominating Jeremy Corbyn and if I knew what I do now, I never would have nominated him,” Lammy told an online audience of about 300, in comments first reported in Jewish News.

“I never believed he would become leader. That was a mistake and I am sorry for that.”’

For those in denial:

Lammy was recently appointed to Shadow Foreign Secretary on Keir Starmer’s front bench. Despite voting for the illegal invasion of Iraq and against investigations into the decision to invade Iraq – which resulted in over a million dead innocent Iraqi civilians, and the destabilization of the Middle East region for the past two decades – Lammy has not apologized for those decisions.

How can one tell if a ‘snake is in the grass’? Look at how much grease they have smeared on themselves from climbing the pole.

The man is a despicable opportunist.

Douglas James

  • Some narrative has been borrowed from The Daily Politik.

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