Chris Williamson, speaking from the heart in Weymouth

Members of South Dorset Constituency Labour Party were delighted to welcome Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, to the Centenary Club yesterday in Weymouth.

Chris spoke upon a wide range of topics, from Brexit to the challenges faced by young families trying to find somewhere decent to live. He spoke from the heart and set out Labour’s vision for the nation, remembering the achievements of those who had created the Welfare State against all the odds after years of war.

Chris praised the campaign headed by Debbie Monkhouse of Defended Dorset NHS to reverse the Austerity driven cuts planned for Dorset. The campaign has made the County Council think again about these plans which will put at risk 400 lives per year.

Chris spoke of his hopes for a fairer and just society, for the many not the few. We were the sixth richest economy in the world. The recent UN report which highlighted child poverty and 1.5 million people living in destitution was a stinging reproach to the government.

MPs should be champions of their communities: all that was needed was the political will to create a better world. Dorset was the home of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Their example should inspire us all.