Christopher Chope is at it again

Sir Chris Chope, MP for Christchurch, will once again disgrace himself today, according to a fellow MP.

His pedantic, ill-judged ‘principles’ will place children at further risk of harm.

This is utterly disgusting that he puts himself above the needs of any child, let alone those at risk of female genital mutilation.

I sincerely hope he has a last minute change of heart, but surely the residents of Christchurch must see that this man is unfit to represent our families and communities.

Those who have fought so hard to bring this legislation should not have to go through this.

Edit: I’ve just read that Nimco Ali, an FGM survivor and campaigner, has written to Chope begging him not to do this, but he sent a short reply refusing to listen to her plea.

He does this with full knowledge of the consequences for vulnerable children, and that the bill would get properly scrutinised in the following stages of the procedure.


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Andy Dunne