This Thursday the Tories attempt to return disgraced Tory Christopher Davies to Westminster. Judge for yourselves:
Voting record for Christopher Davies MP
  • Davies voted against making the possession of Corrosive Substance or Dangerous Knifes while on Mopeds or Motorbikes an aggravated offence (aggravated offences attract harsher sentences).
• Davies voted to reduce regulations surrounding the possession, making or trading of certain types of high velocity rifles.
• Davies voted against requiring the Government to adopt the continued participation of the UK in the European Arrest Warrant in relation to people suspected of terrorist offences as a negotiating objective in the withdrawal negotiations with the EU.
• Davies voted against requiring the Secretary of State to establish an inquiry into allegations of data protection breaches committed by or on behalf of national news publishers and other media organisations, as recommended by Lord Justice Leveson for Part two of his Inquiry.
• Davies voted against requiring Companies House and Other bodies to Identify Beneficial Owners of Companies on Formation (Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill)
• Davies voted against creating a public register of beneficial ownership information for companies and other legal entities outside of the UK that own or buy UK property, or bid for UK government contracts (Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill)
• Davies voted to cut the police budget by 1.7% for 2018-19 (from the previous year).
• Davies voted to require that the strike ballot threshold for key Fire & Rescue Service Workers to be raised to 40% for strike action to be legal.
• Davies voted to require that the strike ballot threshold for Border Security Workers to be raised to 40% for strike action to be legal.
• Davies voted against calling on the Government to reduce overcrowding and improve safety in Prisons.
• Davies didn’t bother to vote on a bill that would ratify a European convention aimed at preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.
• Davies voted against a motion to accurately record assaults on police officers and to ensure police officer numbers and funding are not further reduced. He’d previously also voted against supporting real-terms protection for the police budget and against a funding settlement for the police that would maintain front line services and not compromise public safety.
• Davies voted against a motion proposing a full independent UN-led investigation into alleged violations of international humanitarian law in the conflict in Yemen; and against calling on the Government to suspend its support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces in Yemen until it has been determined whether they have been responsible for any such violations.
• Davies voted to support military action, specifically airstrikes, in Syria.
  • Davies voted to approve orders to update arrangements between the UK and Jersey/Guernsey/Isle of Man for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of tax avoidance (Double Taxation Relief and International Tax Enforcement bill)
  • Davies voted against ensuring that victims of domestic abuse would not have to pay extra charges as a result of the bedroom tax if they are provided with a secure tenancy that incorporates a spare room.
  • Davies voted against requiring a review to be undertaken of the treatment of capital gains on commercial property disposed of by UK taxpayers with a foreign domicile.
  • Davies voted against calling on the Secretary of State to investigate the banking industries failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion and how allegations of tax evasion are reported and acted on. It also requires the review and submit it to the House of Commons within six months of this Act receiving Royal Assent.
  • Davies voted against making it the duty of the Secretary of State to assist the Governments of any Crown Dependencies (i.e. the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey) to establish a publicly accessible register of the beneficial ownership of companies registered under their jurisdiction and to publish legislative proposals (in the form of either a draft Order in Council or a Bill presented to either House of Parliament) that will require these Governments to establish a publicly accessible register, no later than 31 December 2019.
  • Davies voted against publishing an estimate of the impact on levels of tax avoidance and tax evasion of extending the current requirement on UK-based companies to publish information about people who have significant control over them to companies incorporated in the Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories.
  • Davies voted against requiring multinational enterprises to publish a country by country tax strategy including information on their attitude to tax planning.
  • Davies voted against giving the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority duties to combat abusive tax avoidance arrangements, including by ascertaining and recording the beneficial ownership of trusts.
  • Davies voted against a series of proposals intended to reduce tax avoidance and evasion.
  • Davies voted not to support the publishing full details of the Government’s tax settlement with Google and for an international agreement to implement country-by-country reporting of company accounts.
  • Davies voted against giving the Health and Social Care Committee access to written submissions received by Ministers since 8 June 2017 on proposals for reform of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, on the creation of accountable care organisations in the NHS, and on the effect of outsourcing and privatisation in the NHS including the creation of wholly-owned subsidiary companies; and minutes of all discussions on those subjects between Ministers, civil servants and special advisers at the Department of Health and Social Care, HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Davies voted against a motion to ANNUL an earlier amendment that would remove NHS bursaries from full-time postgraduate pre-registration courses in nursing, midwifery, allied health professions, and undergraduate dental profession subjects, for those starting from 1 August 2018, with students to be offered loans instead.
  • Davies voted for a motion to require the strike ballot threshold for Key Health Workers (including staff working emergency ambulance services, hospital A&E services, hospital high-dependency & intensive care units, certain psychiatric obstetric and midwifery services) to be raised to 40% for strike action to be legal.
  • Davies voted against calling on the Government to bring forward extra funding for social care to help hospitals cope in winter, and to pledge a new improved funding settlement for the NHS and social care in the March 2017 Budget.
  • Davies voted against calling on the Government to use the 2016 Autumn Statement to address the underfunding of the NHS and guarantee sustainable financing of the NHS
  • Davies voted against enshrining the right to psychological therapies in the NHS Constitution; against equality in entitlements to treatments and against a new Government response to mental health.
  • Davies voted against guaranteeing that no junior doctors will have their pay cut as a result of a new junior doctors’ contract and for the Government to return to negotiations with the British Medical Association

Koser Saeed

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